Examples of frequently asked questions:

Do you supply invitations?

You can download a sample, we send out all your invitations with a confirmation letter as soon as you book a birthday party.

How many Go-Karts do you have?

We have four Go-Karts which operate within the inflatable boundary track. All our kids parties are structured and designed to keep the children's attention even whilst not on the Go-Karts. 

How do you manage so many children and do the children get bored waiting for their turn?

We rotate the children in groups of four and will only put the children in the Go-Karts for a maximum of 2 minutes. It is fruitless running any longer as we want to give the children a variety of driving that challenges them. When we go fast we will put them on the Go-Karts for only 1 - 1.5 minutes as we want their concentration to be in short bursts.
Fast change over's send a clear message to the children who are waiting that they will be on the Go-Karts in no time at all. The children are very focused on the track as missing ago is a fate worse than death to them! We also encourage the children to cheer the drivers round and they also call out the last 10 seconds. 


Can we have another activity with the Go-Karts?

Yes we have done kids parties with bouncy castles etc. However, it may mean that out programme is less structured or we have found that the other activity was hardly used as all the children wanted the Go-Karts. 

Do you provide food?

No, food is available from most Leisure Centres (Venue Facilities) and some will allow you to take your own, please call us for details. All Leisure centres will allow you to take the Birthday cake. 

Do I have to check availability at the Leisure Centre?

No, we do all the checking and booking, the only part we don't get involved in is the food due to dietary considerations. 

How fast are the Go-Karts?

The Go-Karts do not exceed 6mph. However, we set the speed according to age and ability; see Birthday Parties for further details. 

Do the children wear crash helmets?

No, the Go-Karts are specifically designed and built for Health and Safety. The Go-Kart has a padded roll-bar which creates a completely safe cockpit. 

Can children with disabilities drive the Go-Karts?

Yes, provided they can get in the Go-Kart (with assistance if necessary), press the accelerator and steer. We have had Autistic children, children with Cerebral Palsy, children with learning difficulties and children who are wheel-chair bound.

Is 10 the maximum age?

No, age is not the limitation, size is. We will quite often have 13/14 year old children in the Go-Karts, we have even had small adults on the Go-Karts and it was just as exciting for them! 

Do you provide full instruction?

Yes, our activity is completely managed by at least two operators who will brief, instruct and co-ordinate the children. 

Do you have a set of terms and conditions?

Yes, we include these when we send you a copy of your invoice, you can also view them on our About us page.


If you have a question we have not answered please call us today on 01993 841337.